Our Story

Respect the Land

Revere the Food

Gather Together

Each of these values is equally critical to the success and survival of Native American tribes. We strive each day to honor these ideals in the products we bring to your family’s table.

Native Americans have long regarded the bison as an integral part of their spiritual, physical and emotional existence. They not only rely on bison for nutrition and sustenance, they also use parts of the body to fashion tools, build shelter and create clothing.

Our commitment to honoring our roots runs deep and is central to any decision we make as a company. At KivaSun, we honor bison, just as the Native Americans have for hundreds of years.


Notah Begay III Founder

Notah Begay III was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Half Navajo, ¼ San Felipe, and ¼ Isleta, Notah secured a scholarship to Stanford University where he earned a degree in Economics in addition to earning All-American Honors three times and leading the golf team to a National Championship in 1994.

A 4-time PGA TOUR winner, Notah is the most accomplished Native American in the history of the PGA TOUR. Off the golf course, Notah’s commitment to working with tribal communities is undeniable. In 2002, Notah started NB3 Consulting, a full-service golf course development firm that has built some of the most highly recognized golf courses on Native lands. In 2005, Notah launched The NB3 Foundation, a federally recognized non-profit designed to battle obesity and Type 2 diabetes in Native American youth. And in 2010, Notah started KivaSun Foods, a Native owned, all-natural food company with the mission of showcasing Native American sourced food products to a global audience.

In 2013, Notah was asked to be part of the NBC golf broadcast team and is now recognized as the first Native American to hold a national broadcasting position on network television.

Named by the Institute for International Sport as one of the Top 100 Sports Educators in the world, Notah continues to represent Indian country both on and off the golf course.